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Our vision

Develop.Energy Solutions, Inc. (D.ES) educates and partners with commercial and residential customers to deliver the most cost effective energy solutions by focusing on the customer needs first.  We have a team of highly experienced personnel that excel in communicating their knowledge and asking pertinent questions.   While working with customers, we offer multiple energy efficiency and renewable energy services directly and through affiliate referrals.  We have systems in place that make it easy for customers to become informed, utilize the benefits of our products and services, and share the benefits with others

Our Mission

How does a photo of a lake relate to energy solutions?

This photo is of Allagash Lake, ME.  Taken by our Founder, Bill Holmlund, while on a 100-mile Boy Scout High Adventure canoeing trip.  The Allagash Waterway is a pristine area of wilderness in the Maine Northwoods.  The area did not always look like this.  Less than 100 years ago, the lumber industry clear cut all trees, dammed the rivers and transported millions of feet of lumber.  They even changed the direction of the rivers.  After devastating the crop of lumber and the natural environment, some Lumber Industry Activists changed their perspective to longer term, sustainable goals.  Now the land around the waterway is protected and the Lumber Industry is re-growing 75-100 year crops.  The industry changed ideology, methods, and technology and is planning on a long term sustained existence that protects the environment.   It is amazing what happens when your “crop” takes 100 years to grow.

The electricity industry is going through a similar change now.  Some methods of producing electricity hurt our environment.  Some are relatively short term solutions.  Distribution methods are not cost effective.   Our next evolution of power generation needs to have a long-term perspective.

Just as the lumber industry went to smaller areas to harvest, energy production needs to be more distributed.  One way to help that process is through individual power plants and energy storage.  With the changes in electricity production and storage, most homes and business can produce some of or all their own energy.  Solar PV electricity is one of the best solutions for that.   Perhaps, some of our efforts can make the rest of the country look like the photo above.


Develop.Energy Solutions educates and partners with commercial and residential customers to deliver the most cost effective energy solutions by focusing on the customer needs first.


Our Team

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Meghan Toth


Served in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician 3rd Class Petty Officer in the Naval Nuclear Field.  Over 25 years’ experience in outside sales and sales management. Started in the construction industry at the age of 10 cleaning up jobsites for his father, and when he was 16 became foreman of his own crew.  Worked in the Real Estate and Property Management industries for over 10 years.  Entered the Solar industry in 2013 and realized that his work experience was preparing him for success in helping increase energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Managed over 50 Megawatts ($150M) of Residential and Commercial solar installations.  Has overseen solar projects from Maryland to Massachusetts.  20 years of Procurement and Construction Management, and before that he has 10-year experience as a Master Carpenter.  He uses his experience to help others in the industry understand how to better serve the customer and the company.

An education in architecture and a passion for sustainability.  Meghan has over 5 years’ experience in residential real estate and 2 years in the solar industry.  In addition to solar, her passion for sustainability has brought her to pursue a degree at UMass Amherst in the sustainable food and farming program.