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Is my house suitable for solar panels?

Roofs facing south with little to no shade and enough space to fit a solar panel system are ideal for installing solar. However, in many cases there are workarounds if your home doesn’t have the ideal solar roof. Below are some of the best roof types for solar panel installation:...

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Do solar panels work when it’s cold?

The amount of power your solar energy system can generate is dependent on sunlight. Whether it is 40 degrees out or 80 degrees out, the solar panels will still generate energy. When its gets really cold and starts to snow, if your panels are covered in snow they can’t produce electricity....

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What is NET metering

Net metering is the system that utilities use to credit solar energy system owners for the electricity produced by their solar panels. With net metering, you only pay for the electricity that you use beyond what your solar panels can generate. Net metering policies differ from state to state – from Massachusetts to California to Hawaii –...

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How can a solar cell turn sunlight to electricity? In a crystal, the bonds are made of Electrons that are shared between each the atoms of the crystal. The light becomes consumed, and among the electrons that is in one of those bonds gets excited up into a higher...

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Solar Panels in forest

5 PROS of Solar Energy

1. Renewable Solar energy is a renewable energy source. This means that we cannot run out of solar energy, as opposed to non-renewable energy sources (e.g. fossil fuels, coal and nuclear). We will have access to solar energy for as long as the sun is alive – another 6.5 billion...

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How much can solar power save me?

In the event you installed a 3kW system, you can approximate that, based on an average amount of sunshine, the device would create 450 kWh per month—about half your monthly electric bill. Estimating that invoice at $100, your initial investment will save you around $50 a month for the...

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Why should you switch to solar?

It’s good for the environment. Unlike normal electricity, solar produces no dangerous emissions that damage the environment. It’s a tidy, renewable procedure that uses the most natural of resources: the sun. It’s a solid investment. It’s fair to say that lots of the home improvements you will make won’t...

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Is Solar Power right for you?

Here are some tips to decide if Solar Power is right for you and your home. It’s best that your roof is oriented toward the South and having some bright back yard space will likewise do nicely too. Ensure that your roof won’t need replacing in another couple of...

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