Compass Classroom Tracker

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Compass Classroom Tracker

Site Location: Rutland, MA

Utility: National Grid

Site Size:  9.1 kW

Power Produced: 16.1 MWh

Solar Module:  Bi-Facial 380W Modules

Inverter:  Sonny Boy with back-up power

Summary & Unique Features:

This system concept is part of a STEM learning center designed to teach youth about sustainable energy and the effect of the sun on the environment.  The system is designed for safety as well as function and beauty.  This is a very rugged tracker system that stands higher than most, keeping any electrical components away from curious children without fencing.   The landscaping is an outdoor classroom in the shape of a compass, allowing easy teaching of many scientific principles.   Please contact us if you would like to see how this concept could fit into your organization.