Is my house suitable for solar panels?

Roofs facing south with little to no shade and enough space to fit a solar panel system are ideal for installing solar. However, in many cases there are workarounds if your home doesn’t have the ideal solar roof.

Below are some of the best roof types for solar panel installation:

  • Metal standing seam: Metal roofs are good insulators and very energy efficient, making homes with metal roofs great candidates for solar.
  • Standard clay tile and Spanish tile: Solar installers can work on clay tile roofs easily. Standard penetrating mounts can be used for solar installations on tile roofs, and some companies also produce solar panel mounts that are integrated into a clay or Spanish tile to make installation even easier.
  • Asphalt: Solar installers can work on asphalt roofs easily, without worrying about damage. Standard penetrating mounts can be used for solar installations on asphalt roofs.
  • Rubber: Rubber is used on flat roofs and is most commonly seen on commercial buildings. Contact us if you’d like to see a recent installation on a rubber roof.

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