Is Solar Power right for you?

Here are some tips to decide if Solar Power is right for you and your home.

It’s best that your roof is oriented toward the South and having some bright back yard space will likewise do nicely too.

Ensure that your roof won’t need replacing in another couple of years.

For those who own a home owner’s organization that says you can’t place solar panels in your property, make sure you test city and state laws that forbid HOA meddling.

Got tons of shade? Bummer. Ask Develop.Energy for our view on what to do to let you get the most sun.  San Francisco is enormous with solar plus they get a great deal of rain. Big Apple, New Jersey, Massachusetts, as well as Toronto, Canada is ramping up solar. The chief thing is the fact that the less sunlight hours you’ve got on average each year, the longer the payback. But don’t forget that solar panels are warrantied to generate electricity for 25 years and continue even more!

Submit your electricity bill to us for a Free Online Quote. This is significant for estimating the size of any utility rebates and your solar system.

The Government can also be offering tax credit for everyone who purchases a solar system between now and 2016 to 30%. If you normally don’t owe several grand the solar panels can pay over an extended period of time for themselves. Seek advice from your tax man about this. AMT payers used to get problems with this, but this was repaired in the stimulation package.

Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. We should be able to let you know when you’ll see a pay back on your system, how much cash you’ll conserve the life span of the system within.

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