Why store Energy?

Some benefits of Storing energy are they can provide back-up power for running limited appliances to entire properties, control time of delivery, and manage billing.

Maximize solar investment

  • Store Solar PV electricity produced for free

Back-up power

  • Systems can provide back-up power for running limited appliances to entire properties

Demand Management

  • Control time of delivery
  • Manage “time of Use” billing

You do not need to install a solar array to have a battery storage system


Our most popular Storage solution:


Solar Edge StoreEdge integrated battery system

This system can be installed on a partial basis to maximize solar/ battery investment.  Certain Solar Edge Solar PV inverters can be installed separately from the battery system, then install additional equipment later.

Phase 1: Solar Array including Solar edge inverter and optimizer system

Phase 2: Backup power electrical subpanel with manual fuel generator hook-up

Phase 3: Smart meter

Phase 4: Auto transformer and LG Battery

Our custom storage solution:

All large solutions are custom designed after a property needs assessment and use study are completed.

We work with experienced engineers to design a custom system that meets your needs while managing the system cost.

Backup power residential needs assessment:

We list out the power using products you have in your home and how you use those products.  Then we help you determine what systems must go on a backup system.  Choices are often limited the type of heating fuel and water source present.

Most people’s priorities: Heat, Water, Refrigeration, Communication (phone charging), Lighting, Small Appliances (coffee, hot plate, microwave, TV, internet), Cooling


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